Tales From Home


Puddles The Wonder Coyote

A great short tale about a couple named Benjamin and Leslie who decide to get a pet and their adventure in doing so. Then, once the pet is home, things start to happen.

The Land of Fall

Just Who Is Mayor Jack?

Of course, if you are reading this story, then you would be asking yourself that question, wouldn’t you? Who is he? What is he mayor OF? How did he get that way? And other such questions. “Aha”, you say to yourself, “but I’m asking the questions and you don’t seem to be giving any answers!” Doesn’t seem quite fair, does it? And of course, the FIRST rule of story telling is to be fair to the listener; well, not the first rule, but we’re not here to get caught up in dangling verbs and sentence parts like some English grammar test. Oh, no, we want the STORY, don’t we? So here you go…

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Tales From The ShadowWing

Take a fantasy setting. Add a female ship's captain. Add an unusual crew, including a fat galley cook, a deadly first mate and a troll. Yes, that's right. A troll in the crew.

Have them stop at ports along the coast and you have the Tales from the ShadowWing, fastest merchant ship on the nine seas.


History is not just a bunch of dry facts. It's not just a bunch of dates, collected in some dusty textbook, written by a scholarly hand and made to be memorized by hordes of schoolchildren everywhere.
History is about people. About whom they marry, whom they love, whom they hate, whom they struggle with.
History is about events, places and times that resonate in us, in our dreams, in our lives.
History isn't just something in a book, it's PERSONAL. Intense. And real.
But not all history is the same. There are rumors of... other histories, other lands, other worlds, tales of different places.
This is one such tale. A tale of struggles among peoples trying to fit into their world, a tale of similarities and differences, a tale of history, yes, a tale of... Conquest.

A Fearful Thing


No one, of course, believed me about the cult. There was no evidence from the cave, all the bodies and artifacts vanished, as if they were never there to begin with. The police thought I had something to do with my daughter's death and that I'd made up the story about the cult to try to hide what I'd done.

I know they're after me, I saw a couple of them hanging around the store down in the village today. But this time, I'm ready for them.